It’s Sunday and there’s no football left. It’s all played out. It’s thumb twiddlin’ time unless you find some other game in some other sport on TV. Or Slinks. It’s still Sinks season here on SPT. Grab a cold one and some snacks and dive in. That’s why they’re here.

Nice Cars

The FCC’s new Net Neutrality proposal [11:32]

Elgin Park [9:14]

British scrap 1965 [8:57]

Confederate submarine, H.L. Hunley restoration

9 great tie knots – videos

Servin’ up the Second Amendment [7:20]

French frigate in rough waters [2:59]

Volts for Oil [4:09] – animation

How a commercial airliner crosses the Atlantic ocean [4:30]


Three Olive Vodka [0:31]

Dji: Death Sails [5:21]

Animator vs. Animation IV [13:36]


Musical robots [1:48]

Flock of Sabbath [2:46]

Cantina Band Ragtime [1:52]


The shrinking penis of 55 Broadway [0:56]

Truck has no reverse [0:26]

1600hp 4WD rat rod [0:36]

* Jiffs *


The Oregon Pint – video

News from Goose Island’s barrel warehouse

The difference between porter and stout


The DiResta Which Blade [12:34]

Miami Dub Show [5:09]

Explosions compilation [20:11]

Huge rugby hits [4:14]

1970 Ford Mustang BOSS 302 [6:01]

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson [8:15]

1300hp sandrail [4:06]

Wladimir Klitschko – boxing heavyweight [5:21]

Flame thrower hot rod [3:14]

February in Review from Playboy [2:30]

The Cars – Magic [4:33]

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