It’s the big day, Super Bowl Sunday. With about 4 hours of game time today, There’s plenty of time to visit SPT, either before or after. Even if you miss today’s post, it’ll still be here tomorrow and you can check it out in its entirety with some scrolling. Let’s do a little bit of scrolling right now.

The New England Snow storm – The Big Picture

Evolution of Super Bowl commercials – video

Evolution of the moon [2:41]

Back to the moon for good [24:49]

Japanese Penis Festival [2:00]

How the Tesla Model S is made [21:00]

The F-35 Lightning II Fighter [7:27]

What are stem cells? [4:10] – animation

Japanese synchronized walking [8:51]

Just how rich is Bill Gates [3:25] – Neil deGrasse Tyson explains


Post Human [5:45]

Round 6 [3:24]


Rock Sugar – Don’t Stop the Sandman [5:52]

Rammstein vs. Cookie Monster [0:51] – Fave

An oldie from Hank Williams Jr. [2:45]


LEGO Star Wars: Sniper Joe [0:38]

The meeting of two dump trucks [0:15]

Russian winter drifting [0:31]

* Jiffs *


Camaro ownership [6:57]

Story of Ricky [4:33] – Japanese movie from 1991

Racing crash compilation [6:00]

UFC 183 – Silva vs. Griffin [8:25] – Bruce Buffer needs a sedative

Drifting: the cure for everything [10:25]

1969 Corvette 427 L71 Roadster [7:25] – Muscle Car of the Week

Shotgun speed reloading [7:08] – Miculek

Kimbo Slice vs. Shane Tilyard [10:09]

World record drag race for door slammers [2:04]

Decelerate [1:15] – (Art?)

The Who – Baba O’Riley (Teenage Wasteland) [5:18]

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