Frankly speaking

Special thanks to the folks at for renewing their sponsorship with SPT for another year. It’s a great device for opening all of the containers you may encounter which hold beer inside. Cheers!

I’ve been spending my late nights watching documentaries of all kinds and I find it enlightening and educational. I’ve wondered how such lengthy videos would go over on this site. There’s no accurate way to determine the demographic of the visitors to SPT but I’d say that we’re mostly males, 30 to 50-plus years old. Chances are good that I’m completely wrong or right. (?)

I’d like to post these very interesting documentaries that I’ve watched in order to share them with you. Starting next week on Saturday, I’ll post the first one and schedule it for some time in the morning. This way, anytime during the day on Saturday (if that’s your day off,) you can settle back and learn something about history or industry or computers or what have you before you read the Brew Review. The vids are usually and hour to 90 minutes long. Your comments are appreciated.

Bell’s Hopslam is coming to Illinois towards the end of this week and I’ll be making an effort to procure a sixer and dive into multiple 12-ounce pools of malts and hops that will leave me in a state of Nevada Nirvana. Big beer releases like this have subtle changes from year to year, batch to batch. For me, I’d just like to get anesthetized on the hops in Hopslam. Let me sleep where you find me.

When you think about it, winter has been kind to us this year so far. No blizzards or below zero temps and no massive snowfalls. It may mean that it’s gathering forces for next year or for a grand finale at the beginning of spring. It seems to be manic-depressive and this year is its off-year.

I have less than 10 SPT stickers left. A new order is required. Get some of the remaining for stickers for a drastically reduced price of FREE! Just send an email to sixpacktech@gmail and ask. Include your mailing address in the message. You’ll get ’em in a week. More or less. My dime.

Thanks a lot for stopping by.

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