Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 7.08.19 PMIt’s Championship Sunday and the two games today will decide who goes to the Super Bowl. Hope you have plenty of snacks and malted beverages to get through the action. Whether you’ll be here on SPT or not, we still have the Slinks for whenever you have the time.

The 2015 Dakar Rally – The Big Picture

Mars orbiter located the Beagle 2 lander [1:13]

Japanese wood joinery
One [3:58]
Two [2:44]

Tornadoes of 2014 [11:28]

Largest glacier calving [4:41]

The New Rules of Robot/Human Society [9:07]

Shuttle Carrier Aircraft [8:59]

Sadowsky Guitars [4:36]

The largest submarine in the US Navy [28:38]

The Landing [17:44] – short film


Wire and Flashing Lights [1:38]

Haring [2:12]

LEGO Top Gear [2:19]


Waylon Jennings – Good Ol’ Boys [1:02]

Washboard buskers – Travelin’ Broke [2:48]

Shine on Harvest Moon – Leon Redbone [3:17]


Merlin 1D engine flight qualification test [0:43]

Meanwhile, in the Swiss Army… [0:35]

Golden Gate Bridge Zipper truck [0:19]

* Jiffs *


Canning machine with manual assist [1:11]

How to be a beer enthusiast without being a beer asshole

A new brewery in Ireland [8:53]


Uphill racing in Moreeb Dune, Liwa 2014. United Arab Emirates [16:00]

Tractor accidents [10:00]

RS1 Prime Mover [2:09]

FPSRussia – WWII weaponry [7:57]

DiResta Log to Legs [12:21]

1967 Shelby Cobra [8:16] – Muscle Car of the Week

Jetsprint action in New Zealand [7:19]

Packers season highlights [5:18] – YT vid is mistitled

UFC 182 highlights in slo-mo [1:47]

UFC ring girls [1:24] – video slide show

Bob Seger – Her Strut [4:24]

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