Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 11.35.21 PMIt’s Sunday and the bitterly cold weather is taking a short breather. While the temps have risen about 20 degrees, it’s still quite cold outside. We will sit inside in the warmth and comfort of our abodes and do what we do to avoid getting cabin fever. There are a couple of playoff games on TV and some cold winter warmers in the fridge. And we have the Slinks.

The Paul Revere – Samuel Adams time capsule – video

Mini Cooper assembly [11:57]

Creating Hubble colorized images [2:24]

Petrol vs. Electric – Mercedes SLS AMG Battle [8:07]

What if the moon landing failed? [3:57]

Sledge hockey [2:34]

Inside a Google data center [5:27]

Atropa [9:46] – sci-fi short

DiResta barrel table [9:24] – he’s everywhere

Homebuilt Cosmotron car [5:21]


Nuggets (addiction) [5:05]

Fencing [2:50]

Cavemen [3:30]


Six-song country music mashup [3:52]

Charo plays Malaguen?a [4:28] – cuchi-cuchi

Du Hast by you know who [4:20]


Straya! [0:15]

Pamela Anderson for Alta Vista [0:32]

Blues [0:44]

* Jiffs *

Beer Faves

John Wayne appears [1:01]

Castro complains [0:33]

Real beard. Real beer. [0:41]


Bad luck at the hill climbs [16:26]

The Real Thing [5:16]

One World Trade Center construction timelapse [2:14]

Truck door vs. crazy shotgun rounds [8:58]

Brutal MMA knockouts [21:34]

1970 Plymouth Cuda 340 3-Speed Convertible [4:47] – Muscle Car of the Week

The speed of Muhammad Ali [4:41]

World record wheelstander [3:49]

Wingsuit proximity flying [10:30]

Photoshoot [0:59]

Rolling Stones – Midnight Rambler [12:32]

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