Frankly speaking

WordPress was updated to v4.1 last Thursday and it changed the font style on all pages of SPT to Times New Roman for whatever reason. After a quick search I got that taken care of with an edit to the Style.css file. With all of the old problems now in the past, I just may update my iMac to Yosemite again (after a backup, of course.)

I’ve begun rectifying all the old posts labeled as Uncategorized, and there are about 160 of them to be fixed. For me, it’s a test of server patience. Not that anyone cares about categories, but it’s something that I just have to do to rest my mind about the site. After each edit of the post categories, I have to wait for the server to churn & burn and give me back the results. it’ll take a while.

The MASH Homebrew club has decided that the new website was not user friendly. I’ve volunteered to make it right by creating a new subdomain for the site with a discussion board. After a few emails between the hosting service about how to set things up, the club discussion board is on the brink of going live completely with WordPress and the bbPress discussion plugin. Consequently, the link to the MASH site in the sidebar is temporarily down.

During the initial installation of the new MASH site, WP was placed in the wrong directory. More than likely an error on my part. Thankfully, it’s at the stage where correcting the problem doesn’t matter. The site is under construction. The databases have been established and now all the nuts and bolts have to be put in place.

Probably none of the above matters to you, but realize one thing: few websites have a weekly posting of just crap the web guy has on his mind. This is the stuff that matters to me and I hope that you get an idea of where I’m coming from. I’m no web jockey. I started this site and I’m paying for it out of my own finances. I learned all this HTML stuff by trial and error. I used to suck at reviewing beer (for all I know, I still do.) But each week, I keep churning out new content on the same theme in spite of the lack of comments, sponsors and donations. Why? Because it keeps me busy and I still love doing this shit.

And I speak from the pump in my chest. Or maybe it’s the beer talking. Pfft!

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