Ahh, Sunday. The best day for relaxation and football. Maybe a hot home-cooked meal and just a few steps to the fridge and the bathroom. Winter officially starts next Sunday and already we’re sick of it. Christmas is staring us in the face. What could you possibly get for your wife-mate that won’t have her turn on you like last year? Visiting relatives. Just look down at the bubbling beverage you’re holding. Have a sip. All is good. We can handle this.

The west coast storms – The Big Picture

Steve Wozniak and the Apple II [5:22]

The Internet is on fire [19:17]

The world’s tallest slum [6:58]

Autonomous swarm [6:38]

Flying an RAF Typhoon [4:58]

The very first Air Force One [4:59]

Naked & Famous Denim [4:27]

Found: Brand new 1985 IROC Z28 [9:44]

Irish Road Bowling [6:53]

The Mystery of Flying Kicks [14:12]

Vibrations – Hex nuts [1:29]
End of the Line – TF2 [14:06]
Ultra NextGen AAA Design throwback [4:13]
Inside Out trailer [2:10] – Disney – coming in July

Henri’s boogie [5:22]
Cymatics: Science vs. Music [5:52]
Torpedo [1:41]

ISS assembly timelapse [0:51]
Olajuwon fake-out [0:27]
Gimme dat butt [0:39]

* Jiffs *

Story of a Fair-Trade Chocolate Stout [4:06]
Amstel – New World [1:00]


Five Star crash tests – Jalopnik – videos

Stretch Limousine crash [6:18]

2014 Rally Crashes [3:17]

Jacked Up (2005) [18:36]

1970 Plymouth ‘Cuda AAR [6:26] – Muscle Car of the Week

DiResta Dickel Barrel select box [8:39]

The most dangerous kicker in MMA [7:47]

S&W Model 69 Combat Magnum [5:42]

Drag Racing Sydney [7:19]

Underwater butt pinch [1:27]

John Lennon – Imagine [3:00]

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