Frankly speaking

I have to be quick because it’s getting late.

At the end of the brew review, my son stopped by about 11 p.m. He was at his brother’s place bottling homebrew for the December competition. He stopped by to pick up the all of the Tupperware containers thar Mom made for him because he couldn’t be at the holiday feast.

In the dimly lit rooms of the house, the three of us discussed the upcoming Christmas holiday, the Thanksgiving feast selections and future plans. The topic turned to beer. At the time I had the last glass glassful of Beer Thousand and I offered a sip. The sip became four sips. He loved it. I was left with about four ounces.

I have just enough time to post the Weekly Babes and it’s off to bed. The sandbags have taken their toll. Even at minus four sips.

Thanks for stopping by.

Yes. I still love doing this shit.

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