Frankly speaking

WordPress was automatically upted to v4.01 and I can’t see any difference. The update included a number of security bug fixes.There is a fix for what WordPress describes as a “cross-site request forgery that could be used to trick users into changing their passwords.

Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) is another common form of attack in which an authenticated user is somehow tricked into performing an action.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

New water heater was installed last weekend. (I urge you to correct anyone who calls it a “hot water heater.” You don’t heat hot water.) Two sons installed it all. While the water tank was filling, faucets were opened to bleed the air out of the system. Now, the heater works fine, but the kitchen sink has lost water pressure and so has the shower. The pipes are old and some crud is more than likely causing a blockage. We’ll live with it through the winter. If the house survives. The place is old. Very old.

Thanks giving is coming up on Thursday and I’ll be taking the day off to visit and feast with family. Good beer is bound to be passed and sampled. I may break out the Utopias. I’ll throw together a smattering of posts beforehand for all those who still visit the site. Just like I always do.

A couple of holiday parties are brewing for early December and a Brew Review may get skipped. We’ll all still survive. Somehow.

The Mighty Tundra’s rear axle housing is still leak free and I’m getting a renewed appreciation for the remote start I received as a gift last Christmas. It’s nice to climb into a warm cab.

Winter brewing will be limited to extract on the stove. Kegging would be too much trouble so it’s back to bottling for the next few months. My grandson had a birthday party earlier in the week and one of his uncles brought some 3Floyds Zombie Dust for us all. Man, what a great beer. Spook Powder is that beer. It’s first on my list to brew.

I’m not looking forward to what winter has in store for us here and the sights of the lake effect snows in Buffalo set off concern. That and the semi-clogged water pipes.

Thanks for stopping by.

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