Frankly speaking

Halloween was uneventful at our house. The outside light was on and the storm door was propped open. The doorbell rang once. Two older kids, their coats covering their costumes trick-or-treated. I offered the candy dish knowing that perhaps no one else would come for the rest of the evening. Each kid took two fun size chocolates and thanked me. I offered them a slice of baloney and they just looked at me strange and left. Next year I’ll scrounge around the garage for some hex nuts and offer them that. Kids like nuts, right?

Jimmy BaneOne of my sons dressed up for a Halloween costume contest and went as Bane from the latest Batman movie. He even shaved his head. Top Jimmy indeed.

Tonight (or actually tomorrow at 2 a.m.) we push the clocks back an hour into Daylight Standard Time. Back to way it used to was. Back the way it should have been all along. For the next week or more, we’ll marvel at how dark it is so early. We’ll get moody. Our pets will act weird. On Wednesday you’ll find one clock you forgot to change. What if we never changed clocks all year? One old guy’s opinion:


Changing the clocks has a definite effect on our perception of our environment and hence, our mood. The secret is in our sleep habits.


No trouble with the site or services. No take down notices. Domain renewals are good until next July. Time to save up for the Christmas gift buying season and get a wish list going. Still thinking about the next homebrew recipe. I could use a 2.5 gallon keg. Christmas list now has one item.

You know it. I know it. I experience it. Doing this shit. Love it.

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