Another glorious Sunday and the weather is still decent. Most of the leaves are still stuck in the trees and there’s football on the tube. What else could make the day better? Slinks. They’re all just down there.

Living with Ebola in West Africa – The Big Picture

Living City | A City Shaped by Steam [6:49]

The rules of American football – explained like you were 5 [5:33]

Aboard one of the largest container ships in the world [6:07]

LVI Lo/Lo crane system [6:00]

Golf GTI barbecue – Imgur images

Adam’s Rib [5:27] – canoe builder

Large scale models
SlotMods – Martin Raceway [3:33]
Hot Wheels [3:22]

LOOP [1:00] – short film

Orion: Trial By Fire [7:01] – NASA

French Toast [8:17]
Eden le film [6:32] – French with English subtitles
Popeye Movie Trailer [1:23] – 2016

God Only Knows – Beach Boys mashup [2:49]
Ignition – Ragtime Gals [2:03]
Soul Train [3:22] – music, fashion, dancing, ’70s

3D animated blood flow [0:50]
To protect & serve [0:45]
Chicago O’Hare Airport toilet [0:19]

* Jiffs *

Judging at the Great American BeerFest
Oktoberfest Pictures – slideshow
DFH promotes from within
Hear it from Sam himself [2:08]


Scotty’s Garage 2012 [22:09] – Aussie hoons

Spinning MMA [15:00]

Cutting a granite block with a 2lb. hammer and spikes [6:48]
First saw this done on This Old House back in the day

Shoe shiner extraordinaire [3:40]

1969 Hurst/Olds [6:43] – Muscle Car of the Week

Zak Tessier – wingsuit jumper/flyer [2:26]

Squall’s Gunblade (Final Fantasy VIII) [9:36] – MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED

Sonny Liston vs Floyd Patterson [11:03] – 9/25/62

Shooting both barrels of a double-barreled shotgun [2:43]

Persian dance [5:26] – read the description below the video

John Fogerty – Tombstone Shadow [3:04]

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