Frankly speaking

Things are going so much easier now that Firefox has been updated and doesn’t log me off after deleting comment spam. However, I’ve had a couple of emails that where readers inform me that they are banned from the site. I’ve fixed those and I’ll fix any other readers who find the dreaded 403 error when trying to access SPT. An email works, usually overnight.

SixPackTech was called out as one of the Top 100 Automotive Blogs by a site called The guy who contacted me claims to be a writer for the New York Times and has decided to include us in an infographic. We are listed at #45. Look here. There’s a lot of scrolling though. This is a one-time deal. I probably won’t talk to this guy again.

I’ve turned off comments on the subdomain in another effort to shut down the comment spammers. We only go there on Sundays. If you want to comment on the Sunday Jiffs or Pics you can do it back here, on the main site in the Slinks.

It’s October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I’m planning on making another donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation for the third year in the name of the site. We like boobies and it’s a good idea that we keep the boobies around in pairs, regardless of their shapes and sizes. They generally actually define a woman. I hope we make a little bit of a difference.

The Mighty Tundra has developed a leak in the rear differential. I took it into the shop where my son works and they have diagnosed the problem as being a rusted rear axle housing. This truck has no removeable rear diff cover and is all one unit. (?) He’s also doubful if even the drain/fill plug can be removed due to all the rust. I will spend a short time cursing Toyota and the state of Illinois’ road salt usage. Then I will get it fixed. Or buy a used Tacoma. And make many financial sacrifices.

I have my Spook Powder grains sealed in a 5-gallon and have resolved to brew it via BIAB next year when the weather warms up. I could, however, cook up a batch on the stove via extract. I have all the hops I need right now. Just as good. I’m also thinking of getting into small-batch brewing. 2 or 3 gallons at a time. I’m sure new equipment purchases will be minimal. I’ll just have to think about scaling down grains and hops and yeast utilization.

Once again, if you have problems accessing the site and run into a 403 error, please let me know and I’ll fix it. And twice again, I still love doing this shit.

Thanks for stopping by.

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