It’s Sunday and the weather is still holding on. Enjoy this day whether you’re inside watching the game or outside analyzing the property. We have a little over a month before we change the clocks again. The clock changing intervals seem to get closer together each year, eh? What won’t change are the Slinks all standing at attention below.

Natural world – The Big Picture

Views from satellites [4:02]

World’s biggest model airport [9:50]

Wi-Fi installed on a United passenger jet [2:33] – timelapse

Misconceptions about global warming [6:49] – Veritasium

Early sports rules [7:00] – Mental Floss , John Green

DAQRI Smart Helmet [3:46]

The Pontiac Banshee [7:32]

F1 simulator [6:05]

E N V O Y [9:18] – sci-fi short film

The history of tattoos [5:16]
Building the world’s biggest dome [3:49]
Animated history of the van [1:35]

Fingerbuster – Dick Hyman [1:58]
Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On – Jerry Lee Lewis [2:00]
A Boy Named Sue – Johnny Cash [3:39]

Volleyball triple head shot [0:39]
Laser cleaning rubber residue [0:42]
Save the excavator! [0:16]

* Jiffs *

Westvleteren 12 [4:24]
The science of beer [5:43]
“You can call me Ray” [0:29]


World shin kicking championship [2:47]

World’s greatest drag race 4 [6:00]

Iron Man’s sword [8:31] MAN AT ARMS Reforged

Terminator Resistance [9:02] – fan film

1966 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport 427 4-Speed L72 [6:13] – Muscle Car of the Week

50BMG armor piercing incendiary vs. engine block [4:12]

How bacon is made [2:18]

Wire nut ammo [4:56]

White Knuckle rat rod [11:54]

Building a Cyclorama photo studio [4:34]

The Police – Message in a Bottle [4:51]

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  1. Jeff says:

    Prior to this weeks slinks I had no idea what a Cyclorama Photo Studio was. I kinda have an idea now, not sure why but I do.

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