Frankly speaking

Autumn is right behind that bush there. Cooler temps are the harbinger of what’s to come and I dread it. I’m basically a cold-blooded animal and heat is my friend. There may be time for one last BIAB homebrew out in the garage before I pack it in and resolve myself to extract brewing on the kitchen stove and the scrutinizing stink eye of the wife.

The auto logout problem persists. It not only happens on the site, but also on Facebook and Gmail and any other site that requires action after a login. So far I’m dealing with it and we’ll see what happens when Firefox comes out with a new browser update.

I’m considering getting the update of our old plugin, NextGen Gallery. The developer sold the plugin to some firm which mucked it up after their 2.0 update. Now it’s at V2.0.66.27 and the issues are minimal. The reason we never updated was due to those initial ownership changeover problems. I’ll locate the legacy version we have now and save it before I update to the new version in case we have to back again. Wonder how all the old galleries will look. I may create a poll to see whether you’d like the Weekly Babes in our present style or in gallery style.

Still getting comment spam. Those assholes have bots that have dynamic DNSes which change all the time. Our standard spam plugin Akismet, does a fine job in nailing most of  the bastards and alerting me. I had recently banned a range of IP addresses which included a reader who couldn’t get on the site. That’s been changed and he’s back on. So are the comment spammers from that DNS range. If you ever try to get on SPT and receive a 403 error, please send me a message and I’ll change the settings on the server. Sorry and thanks.

I’ve been invited to a rare beer tasting sometime in November. Don’t know exactly when, but I do know that it’s most likely on a Saturday and it’s in Rockford, IL a fortnight away by horse and buggy. It will require an overnight stay. From what I gathered, there will be some beers to be sampled that have traveled from Belgium and other parts of Europe that are absolutely impossible to obtain here in the states. It’ll be a time when I go into debt for beer and sacrifice a Brew Review for a good time and a beer tasting experience. I’ll be sure to take my laptop and camera and search for a hotel with wi-fi beforehand. Hey, still gotta post the Babes.

Once again, thanks for visiting SPT. Yes, you know what’s coming next… I still love doing this shit. (No shit.)

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6 Responses to Frankly speaking

  1. David Wilkinson says:

    Hey Frank… What’s up with all of the HostGator errors lately? Seems like every other day there is an issue with them.

  2. fcgrabo says:

    Can you be more specific.

    If you’ve been banned in error, let me know your IP address. It’s best to send an email (

    As for me, HostGator’s been flawless for quite a long time.

    Sorry about that.

  3. David Wilkinson says:

    I’ll be sure to grab a screen shot next time it happens. Can’t remember the specific error.

  4. fcgrabo says:

    Please do. I really want to help out.

  5. David Wilkinson says:

    I received the error again late last night at 01:11 AM. IT was a 403 error. Specifically: “ERROR 403 – FORBIDDEN”

  6. fcgrabo says:

    Looks like you fell under the “ban hammer.” Find your IP address and tell me what it is. I’ll get you back on.

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