Labor Day Slinks

Well whaddya know… another day off. The last day of the last extended weekend until late November for many. We have another short stack of Slinks ready to suck up what remaining time you may have. Enjoy life on this day, the day you worked for.

Saturn’s north pole hexagonal hurricane [2:42]

The 1989 San Francisco earthquake [10:27]

Classic VW assembly line [4:03]

The One o’clock Gun at Edinburgh Castle [2:30]

Never report news from Scottish pubs [1:01]

Exit [4:01]

Music Faves
Freestyle canoe [about 4 mins]
Ice Cream Paint Job – Dorrough [4:47]
Chevy tuned up but he’s driving an Olds Cutlass

Panama Canal timelapse [0:43]
Great AFL fumble recovery [0:33]

* Jiffs *

White Labs’ new Flex Cell [1:58] – homebrewing


Amazing GoPro highlights [4:58]

Captain America’s Throwing Shields [6:15] – MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED

Catapult 4 Topside Petty Officer [less than 9:12]

Wheelstands [6:17]

UFC Great Knockouts [19:04]

Salsa dancing [3:48]

Fleetwood Mac РTusk [4:46] Р with the USC Marching Band

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