It’s Sunday and we love it. This time of year, baseball and football are on the tube pretty much at the same time. Pick and choose as you see fit. It’s still August and the dog days are upon us depending on where you live. Labor Day is coming and soon after the season will change. Start thinking about that now. But not too much. Don’t want to spoil the day or the rest of the summer, however short it’s becoming. The Slinks are reporting for duty and are in their ranks below.

(Note: I tried adding up the total time of all the videos below and I came up with a number of more than 30 hours. This may or not be right, but it’s probably close.  It’s difficult adding so many minutes and seconds and dividing by 60. And I don’t know how pi enters into the calculation.)

53 surreal places on Earth
(Thanks, Shirley)

Bombing Japan [6:01]

How did Ebola evolve to affect humans? [3:13]

Pete’s Challenge [7:00] – the back story on the ice bucket challenge

True facts about marsupials [6:44] – Ze Frank

Renovo Coupe: America’s first electric supercar [5:58]

World’s smallest running V8 engine [6:02]

All of the All State Mayhem commercials [11:53]

Steve Ballmer speech at Clippers press conference [13:25] – some things never change
For reference [1:14]
For additional reference [3:01]

Robot swarm [4:26]

1967 Chevy C10 Pickup Restomod [14:44] – Jay Leno’s Garage

WWI flame thrower [10:18]

Star Trek – Prelude to Axnar [21:09] – please read the description below the video


ReeBot [1:25]
How a bean becomes a fart [1:03]
Jiggly Butt [1:53] – Foamy the Squirrel

Dancing on the treadmill [1:23]
Stepfilter [2:06]
Dueling Banjos [4:19] – original scene from Deliverance

Rude Goldberg Machine [0:29]
Mazda 767b dyno [0:44]
Tangas sin hilo muy sexy! [0:22]

* JIffs *

Beer Battle [7:16] – A story so true, it’s stupid
California’s Lagunitas celebrates Chicago homecoming [5:48]
Drewrys brewery opens in South Bend, Indiana – my Dad’s choice of beer


People are awesome 2014 [6:58]

969 Jack Douglass Yenko Camaro [6:15]

Muaythai Knockouts [4:29]

Youabian Puma Automobiles Promo Video [2:29] – cross between a prerunner and a dune buggy

Tom Cruise drives the RedBull F1  [6:02]

Sculpting a full-size dinosaur [9:29] – Behind the scenes of Jurassic Park

2013 PRO Winter Warmup top fuel and funny car highlights [7:43]

George Foreman vs. Gerry Cooney [9:27] – January 15, 1990

Houlding G2L Carbon Fiber AR [6:47] – FPSRussia – haven’t heard from him in a while

Remy La Croix and hula hoop [3:12]

The Cars – My Best Friend’s Girl [3:53] – 1978

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