GODMODE for Windows 7 and 8

For some reason, copying & pasting from the YouTube details does not work for all systems. Either it flat-out fails or Windows creates an extra “-” (hyphen) symbol in the code between the 4 & 3 in the last bit of the code. If you can’t get it to work by copying and pasting, type out the code by hand and it should work just fine.

MANUALLY TYPE the following line into a Word doc or Notepad .txt file:


Right click on the desktop
Select “New”
Select “Folder”
Type in the code from above for the folder name.

Now you have a single click access to all the behind the scenes options and controls for windows. I use this on Windows 7 and Windows 8. I’ve found it EXTREMELY handy with Windows 8 as it makes it very easy to find the settings without having to $*%& with the charms bar and other new features.

Video is just about a year old.

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