Frankly speaking

As you can see, the new theme is in place and all the same stuff is still there, just in a different spot. Nothing has changed, but everything has changed. There are a few differences in the admin area but not much of a concern. I did have to update the 404 error file and the search results not-found script. Now I like it.

The only thing missing from the old menu bar are the Archives, but there’s a widget for that in case me or someone misses the feature. Personally, I see very little use for it. Also a new/old footer is in place.

The main issue that I had been struggling with is the post content area as you see it. Now it’s wider. The videos are wider. The default YouTube video embed size is 560×315 pixels. Before, I was limited to embedding videos of 500×281 pixels because of the width constraints of the old theme. With the new theme and new width I can now embed videos of 600×338. The videos may not look any larger if you’re on a 13” laptop but will be easier to watch on your desktop computer. As the days go by, we’ll all get used to the new look and forget about the way it was.

The site looks the same on Firefox, Safari and Chrome. I don’t know how it is on Internet Explorer and I don’t really care. I’m salty that way.

Internet Explorer

This new theme, WordPress’ default Twenty Ten theme, is simple, uncluttered, nicely customizable and works right out of the box with just a few tweaks. It even bears a resemblance to the old theme. Our original Cutline theme took me 3 months (when I knew jack shit about HTML) to get it to where I wanted it. This new theme took just under a week.

Our collaboration beer has been racked to secondary with 2 ounces of semisweet chocolate, 2 ounces of cocoa nibs and 2 vanilla beans which have soaked in vodka for the last week. When the time comes, we’ll give it a taste and determine if the beer needs a shot of chocolate extract which we have standing by.

I have a whole bucket full of grains for another batch of Spook Powder, but they need to get milled. My good buddy Jeff, with his industrial grain mill, has left for vacation. (The grain mill stayed home.)

The SMaSH beer competition is scheduled for September and have in my possession 8 ounces of Calypso (12-14% aa) hops which will be for bittering and late additions. Some will be used in the secondary to be sure.

We’ve had some flaky weather here of late. Hot runs to cool back to warm and muggy and who knows what else Mother Nature will throw at us this summer. We’ve been through a lot this past winter and spring and we can only hope for the best. I still believe it’s the North Koreans and their microwaves. The Russians are too busy with the Ukraine and China is now deeply occupied in smart technology. The Japanese, as usual, are just having fun being alive.

Thanks a lot for stopping by.

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    Great layout Frank!

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