It’s Sunday. It’s the last day of mind clearing before the return to the salt mine. Spend the time wisely by going through the Slinks below, all nicely lined up for ease of clicking. Go gettem.

Malaysian jet crash – The Big Picture

The missile system speculated to have taken down Malaysian flight MH17 [1:19]

A brief history of ISIS and the current crisis in Iraq [3:16]

Zero gravity training with NASA [3:14]

Homemade anniversary gift [4:31]

Cleaning a record with wood glue [4:29]

Facebook is selling your browser history [1:32]

Maddox hates BuzzFeed [5:56]

30 years of Mac ads [15:31]

Steven Wright: Wicker chairs & gravity [9:32] – clever comedy

Zombie Survival Guide [1:51]
Paper War [6:06]
Defective Detective [3:45]

Black Sabbath-Sweet Leaf (Smooth Jazz Version) [5:00]
Tissue Opera [1:01]
Led Zeppelin- one of Madison Square Garden’s top 50 moments [8:21] – 1973

Bird window crash preventer [0:38]
Hyundai Genesis disassembly timelapse [0:36]
Small racers in Ohio [0:25]

* Jiffs *

Vigorously fermenting homebrew [1:38]


Four Yorkshire men – Monty Python [4:12] – with Marty Feldman

Indoor skydiving championships [5:01]

Bugatti Veyron at top speed [6:45] – Top Gear

Super Bowl pre-game flyovers [5:23]

Batman’s Wolverine Claws – MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED [6:34]

UFC greatest fights of 2014 [2:49]

15 oddest shotgun shells [7:34]

Isle of Man TT 2013 sidecar race compilation [5:26]

Amazing defensive plays in MLB history [15:19]

Got ass? [3:29]

Roy Orbison – Oh, Pretty Woman [6:18]
Elvis Costello
James Burton
Glen D. Hardin
Tom Waits
kd lang
Jackson Browne
Bonnie Raitt
JD Souther
T Bone Burnett
Steven Soles
and Jennifer Warnes

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