Frankly speaking

Early Thursday morning, about 1 a.m., there was a 502 Bad gateway error on the site. A call to tech support right then and there. The techie revealed that it was a known problem and he saw a few admins on the server working out the kinks. At 1 a.m. not a lot of people are on SPT. (Although shortly after posting the new Weekly Babes on Saturday night there will be a few ratings ratings.) I told the guy I’d wait until morning. … Sure enough, the site was back up by Friday morning.

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For the first time in a long time I took a gander at SPT’s traffic for last week. Everything looks the same, perhaps slightly more so. All of those low bars are probably the SPT zealots who visit on a regular basis. Hat’s off to you guys. (And those who rate the Babes so early and vote on the Nat or Not down at the last minute.) The high numbers suggest searches where one of our posts fits a search criterion. I don’t fully understand “unique visits.” Unless they come from non-humans. Regardless of what the numbers say, I’m still plugging away at the keyboard on a daily basis.

Took delivery of 8-ounces of a relatively new hop called Calypso (apple/pear.) I plan to use them in my SMaSH beer recipe for the September homebrew competition along with about 14 lbs. or so of Munich malt in a brew-in-a-bag process. As for the hops… how much to use, and when. The package states that they contain 15.4% alpha acids and I’m wondering how much is too much.

My son and I have a collaboration beer in the fermenter right now. It’s a twist on his nt brown ale recipe to which we’re adding chocolate. 2 ounces of semi-sweet chocolate were added at 10 mins. before the end of the boil. In the meantime, two sticks of vanilla and 2 ounces of bitter-sweet chocolate will be soaking. We’ll add that to the secondary along with 2 ounces of cacao nibs and leave it for a while. Finally, we’ll taste it and decide if some chocolate extract is needed before kegging. We’re pushing the limits of a beer recipe and we will learn a lot from the experience. I’ll report back with the results.

I’m still enjoying life, still enjoying drinking and making beer, and still enjoy posting this website shit. I love it.

Thanks for stopping by.

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