Split Slinks

Half today, half tomorrow. That’s how we roll.

Hope your holiday was eventful with a lot of fun and no injuries. Now it’s time to wind down and enjoy your existence. For two more days. Gotta love it.

The Crisis in Iraq – The Big Picture

Inside ISIS and the Iraq Caliphate [9:23]

High tide vs. low tide

GM recall chart

Cicada killers [1:20]

Super Mario & Three Russian Bogaturs [3:11]

Le Snob [2:29]
Bomba [3:15]

Isopropyl alcohol experiment [0:21]
Summer Poem: Running through the Sprinkler [0:20]

* Jiffs *

FASTFERMENT [3:27] – homebrewing


British bare knuckle champ vs. pro boxer [3:27]

No landing gear Harrier comes down safely [3:18]

CIRCUIT [14:45] – short film

Holland and Holland shotgun making [18:52]

World’s biggest trebuchet [5:23]

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2 Responses to Split Slinks

  1. SkipHerr says:

    So what’s your take on the “FastRack”? Initially I thought that’s pretty neat, but the more I think about it, I would need a pumping system to get the wort up on the wall… thoughts?

  2. fcgrabo says:

    The FastRack is for those who bottle beer. It elimintes the need for a bottle tree.

    This FastFerment is a plastic conical fermenter and it does look to be mounted a bit too high on the wall.

    I’d personally look around and do a little research on how brewers with steel conicals get their wort into and out of the fermenter before formulating a purchase order.

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