Ah, Sunday. The last relaxation filled day of the weekend. Things to do, places to go, games to watch and a time for mind clearing. The mind clearing process frees up space for more interesting and entertaining content such as what we have here every Sunday at just the time you sit down at your computer or turn on your mobile device. We’re here for you. Got any beer left?

 D-Day remembered
Original video of the D-Day landings [8:49]
Landing sites then and now
Landing scenes interactive  – click and drag images

The Tiananmen Square Tank Man [11:22] – Part 1
Part 2 [10:23]

Golf cart crash tests – videos

The Arborist [2:59]

The Internet Archives [2:48]

Misconceptions about the universe [5:45] – try to follow along

NASA’s crawler transporter [3:13]

How one Frenchman’s assassination killed American Motors Corp. – videos

Sprinter vs. Marathoner [2:05] – animation

How copiers work [3:40]

Pink Troubles [1:50]
Insomniac Ren – Ren & Stimpy [5:47]
Best of Foghorn Leghorn [13:02]

Fun with a busted piano [0:35]
History of the Saxophone [9:53]
Look [4:00] – an old animation Fave

Falkirk Wheel timelapse [0:28]
Scary rally corner [0:45]
Mountain lifts 994lbs. [0:41]

* Jiffs *

U.S. Breweries – click to zoom
100 American craft beers every beer lover should drink

Watercross [4:09]

Mech: Human Trials [5:51] – sci-fi short film

Bulletproof clothing [10:06]

Muay Thai vs. Bruce Lee look-alike [9:16]

Longest sniper shot on record [6:37]

1969 Pontiac Trans Am Convertible [6:22] – Muscle Car of the Week

William Wallace’s Claymore (Braveheart) – MAN AT ARMS [7:32]

Firemen’s drop-bar forcible entry [7:20]

UFC greatest submissions [9:02]

The girls of Rio – GQ for World Cup 2014 [1:07]

Fleetwood Mac – The Chain [4:56]

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2 Responses to Slinks

  1. fretwalker says:

    I could never get my father to talk about D-Day. He didn’t say much more about the Bulge, just, “Something blew up, and I was in the way.” That’s about all I knew about the Purple Heart.

    He liked to talk about capturing Hitler, though.

  2. fcgrabo says:

    Same with my wife’s dad who was in combat and received a Purple Heart. The war was a subject not to be discussed.

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