Slinks cont’d

memorial-day-costIt’s Memorial Day. The one day set aside to honor those who have fallen on the battlefield. Because of their sacrifice, we have the freedoms we have taken for granted for so long. At least fly the flag to show your respect.

Memorial Day Tribute [3:14]

Delta Honor Guard [3:13]

Solar freakin’ roadways [6:59]

Monster magnet meets computer [9:46]

What is a photocopier? [7:12]

Scottish Wrong [0:56]
Rollercoaster [1:00]

Flat Foot Floogie [3:16]
Why BB King’s guitar is named Lucille [1:04]

2015 Dodge Challenger SRT 6.2 Hellcat revving [0:25]
Only in Russia [0:10]

* Jiffs *

Chimay labels [0:38]


NOVR [15:00] – sci-fi short film

164 pounds of Tannerite in an old barn [6:00]

Fabricating a medieval knight’s helmet [15:40]

Indy 500 last laps [6:04]

NHL plays of the week [2:44]

World bodypainting festival 2013 [3:19]

Bachman Turner Overdrive – Let it Ride [3:29]

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