It’s Sunday pretty much everywhere depending on your time zone. It is the day of relaxation and mind clearing. We help with some scrubbing bubbles in the form of Slinks, all nicely lined up below.

The National September 11 Memorial Museum – The Big Picture
A new story at Ground Zero

Bomber crashes into the Empire State Building – 1945 [1:03]

Graph on democracy [2:15]

What we can learn from Iceland [6:27]

Why no one invades Switzerland [3:12]

The Caspian Report [12:36]

The shrinking of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

Security  in a Google data center [7:00]

Oracle yacht racer has a new home [4:22]

Concept cars
More concept cars

The deepest hole in the world [4:00]

Creating avalanches in Alaska [5:22]

Two Brothers [1:20]
Pinnipèdes [1:40]
Boobies [1:42]

Comfortably Numb solo cover [1:45] – 14-year-old Tina
Mr. Beantastic [3:54]
Auctioneer [1:13]
Pilot – Magic [3:08] – an earworm for ya

Bottom falls out of storm cloud [0:17]
Fastest treadmill run [0:15]
122mm rocket launcher battery firing full salvo [0:36]

* Jiffs *

20 beer label symbols explained
Always pour your beer
Sapporo Legendary Biru [1:00]


Atlantis Conspiracy [7:06] – sci-fi short

Mike Tyson – first round knockouts [5:48]

Hearse runs record quarter-mile [4:10]

DiResta crates [4:23]

The Poacher [7:30]

Slow motion underwater guns [5:45]

1925 Doble E-20 Steam Car – Jay Leno’s Garage [27:19]

Brits recreate iconic Bullitt chase scene – videos

Flak – evading anti-aircraft fire – WWII [16:23]

Sabra & Kierstin JohnSin- Cirque du Burlesque [4:08]

Rolling Stones – Start Me Up [5:26]

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