Frankly speaking

My apologies for the lack of a brew review. We had family from out of state visiting for the weekend and it was party central at the old homestead. I couldn’t pass up this rare opportunity to catch up on family events and share the time which is becoming more valuable as the years go by.

I’m in communication with the HostGator guys about finally getting the new test subdomain up to snuff and I have two themes picked out for customizing. I don’t know how it’ll take to get it to where I want it but I’m formulating ideas almost every day. Looks like we’ll lose a sidebar but some of the stuff present on the site could be discarded without repercussions, such as the Facebook badge and anything that could be incorporated into a menu bar.

When it finally goes live, it’ll like quite alien and not what you’re used to looking at. But all the same daily stuff and the Weekly Babes will still be there, perhaps in a different place. The new theme may afford a new opportunity to do something new and unique, but we have to wait until the database identity is sorted out. I’ll keep you informed in future Frankly posts in the future.

I have a batch of lawnmower beer sitting out its final days in the fermenter and it looks as if the fermentation has stopped. Original gravity came out to be 1.050, damn near perfect for a summer beer. 70% pilsner malt, 30% wheat malt and an ounce of Tettnang hops at the start of the boil. Some California Common yeast should set off the flavor nicely. I hope to bottle it all up on Monday. We’ll see how it does in the June competition.

Once again, for the umpteenth time, thanks for stopping by.

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