It’s Mother’s Day and the weather is glorious. We deserve this. Take this time and spend some of it outdoors in the sun that many of us have forgotten. Say hi to your mom for me. We must have dated at some point in the past. The Slinks are just there for your clickage.

Putin visits Ukraine – The Big Picture

Maps of the Earth if all the ice melted

What if Saturn went past the Earth? [5:14]

Tornado in Washington, Illinois 11/17/13 [3:32]

The case of the vanishing honeybees [3:46]

Noel Grayson, native American
Bowmaking [6:24]
Arrows [6:46]
Aboriginal revivalist [8:12]

Proud to be [2:00]

Harvesting walnuts [9:55]

How it’s made
Tape measures [4:39]
Engine blocks [4:59]
Hot rods [5:00]

The Wolfram Language [12:55]

JohnnyExpress [5:27]
Euphoria [2:41]
Guns [1:43]

Dogs play bluegrass – badly [0:55]
BWV_847 [1:41]
Mark Knopfler [6:34]

Fave Quickies
Beer bike butt slap [1:02]
Chair traverse [0:39]
How real men shoot skeet [0:45]

* Jiffs *

Always pour your beer
America’s Changing Tastes Are Killing the ‘Old Man Beer’ Market


What is a photocopier? [7:12]

Picking a winner – NFL draft in 1998 [12:51]

Medieval Combat Long Sword Event [5:24]

The 19th annual Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance [19:56]

Jon Snow’s Longclaw (Game of Thrones) – MAN AT ARMS [6:18]

Big steam engine [3:38]

Muaythai knockouts [4:29]

Diesel turbo rat rod pickup [5:28]

The Gun Maker [5:23]

1200hp Camaro [2:19]

John Fogarty – Hot Rod Heart [3:26]

America’s Changing Tastes Are Killing the ‘Old Man Beer’ Market – See more at:
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