Frankly speaking

Today was the first really nice day we’ve had all year. Temps were in the 60s and if you were in the sun, a light shirt was the way to go. Earlier today, I stopped by the Ottawa Morel Mashup, a small event for morel mushrooms and a hunting demonstration of the same in Ottawa, Illinois. This event was special. For the first time, the city allowed the pouring of homebrewed beer. Our club (MASH) was well represented with about 23 kegs of different beers, given away two ounces at a time. 8 or 9 other clubs from the surrounding areas were there as well with each representative pouring their beers and answering questions about the beer and the brewing process. It was a resounding success; the mayor himself had a ball. Next year it should be even bigger and better.

At the event I met up with the gentleman who designed the club’s website. We discussed the best method to widen SPT and that was to use a different theme, one that is wide to begin with and has already taken into account mobile users. That’s on the list of things to do for next week, along with brew up a lawnmower beer for the June competition and another batch of Spook Powder.

The site will more than likely lose one of the sidebars but with 16 posts showing on the first page, most of what’s there now should be accommodated. The content will remain the same as well as the Weekly Babes, it’ll just look a little different at first. We’ll get used to it. I’ll search for a decent theme and test it out first on a subdomain test site to see if it works. It should be a good challenge.

The Mighty Tundra’s exhaust system is falling apart. The cat-back system welds have rusted through. She still sounds pretty good but going over bumps causes a metallic jangling somewhere underneath. Time for another Flowmaster 40 and associated piping. Oh, and the cold air intake could use a good cleaning.

I’m really looking forward to the warmer weather that’s in our future. It’s about damn time.

Thanks a lot for stopping by.

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