Milton – Madison bridge slide

On April 10, 2014, the slide of the Milton-Madison Bridge was completed. At nearly a half-mile long, this is the longest bridge slide of its type in North America, perhaps the world. The slide occurred over a two day period with the actual slide time being approximately 12 1/2 hours. The total slide distance was 55 feet, going from temporary piers to refurbished, permanent piers.

The bridge connects Milton, KY and Madison, IN. More info on the project here.

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One Response to Milton – Madison bridge slide

  1. fretwalker says:

    Took ’em long enough! On the temporary piers, the bridge had a 3T weight limit… shit, the Indomitable DuraMax Van weighs that much empty, not to mention the tight turns at both ends. Maybe now I can get to Madison without going all the way through Louisville!

    BTW, Madison is a cool little town, got some nice craft beer bars. It’s most notable as the home of the annual Madison Regatta, if you like Unlimited Hydrofoil racing on the Ohio river.

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