Frankly speaking

Screen Shot 2014-04-19 at 11.02.45 PMIt was a great day for us on the ranch here in Morris. Temps were in the low 70s. Spent some time outside with no hoodie and no Carhartt jacket. It felt almost alien. Easter Sunday should be even warmer. We may eat our meal out on the patio. No mosquitoes or flies.

With the weather getting into my system on this fine day, it seemed to have sucked a bit of creativity out of my head. I had waited until the last minute to visit the beer store for something to write about tonight. During my visit, I was scanning the choices nicely lined up on the shelves when I got one of those “zoned out” blank stares, standing there looking at nothing with all that beer looking back. I decided to forego the review for this Saturday and slurp on a four-pack of Ommegang Three Philosophers Quadrupel Ale all by myself. Screw it. It was my time, the time I’m always telling you to have for yourself. I apologize for not cranking out a brew review this evening. There will be more down the road.

Mantra themeI’ve spent some time looking around the Internet for a reasonable WordPress theme as an alternative that would accommodate all the stuff that’s been posted here and make the site wider while still considering the mobile users. I’ve been thinking about the ramifications of eliminating one of the sidebars to make more room for the content area. Looked at a theme called Mantra. The Babes of the week could populate the area where the four images are in the graphic. I tried it out on a test subdomain and the header image woudn’t load. That’s a bit disappointing. More research.

For the same reason I forget to post the Jiffs on Thursday, I failed to mention SPT’s 6th year in existence on April 12th. Today we have over 10,500 posts with no letup in sight (except for a brew review or two.) Therefore, with a slight bit of pomp, I present our original announcement video:

The video was a one-time deal from Google back in 2010. Alas, that special offer is no longer available. We’ve come a long way since 2008 and 2010 and haven’t changed a bit. Maybe a little bit for the better.

And now we hope to change a little bit more by making the site wider, more readable and viewable, while providing the same “quality” content just like we’ve been doing the last 6 years. Based on how long it took to get the present theme working, the next change won’t be coming for a while. But it’s coming. When it finally does get here, there will be all of the “who moved the dog dish?” folks, the naysayers and maybe some quitters. A new look with all the same content can’t be too hard to take and I’ll try to make the transition as smooth as possible. You have nothing to worry about (except for all your own personal shit.)

Once again, sorry for the lack of a brew review. Spring fever has struck and it’s time to rent a giant dumpster and clean out the garage so I can do this website stuff out there once again.

Thanks a lot for visiting when you can.

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