It’s Sunday and from all indications, winter is completely over. All that’s left is the remaining damage. The warmer weather will allow taking care of repair jobs that three months ago, we didn’t know we needed. We will handle it because we are survivors. And don’t forget about personal “me time.” Start entertaining yourself with the list below.

All of the sinkhole Corvettes have been extracted – with videos

Horse colors

.50 caliber live round in a microwave [6:41]

The state of Russia and Ukraine [16:04]

How we got from Windows XP to Windows 8.1

How Ford torture-tested the 2015 F-150 – videos

A candid look inside the International Space Station [25:04]

Timelapse – home construction start to finish [7:23]

Cutaway F1 racecar [5:05]

The Expert [7:34] – Pythonesque

If Walmart paid its workers a living wage… [2:01]
Why is ketchup so hard to pour? [4:28]
Are Hong Kong and Macau countries? [4:52]

German slap dancing [2:38]
Salut Salon fights over Vivaldi [3:24]
Toccata and Fugue on a water cooled Tesla Coil [0:58]

Nissan vs. Trabant [0:32]
Speedboat nosedive [0:47]
Monster truck air [0:15]

* Jiffs *

Beer Quickies
Fat Tire Ale – Want a Beer? [0:30]
ShockTop Beer – End of the World [0:30]
Thule Bar Flugeldar [0:30]


Deathstroke: Arkham Assassin [8:01] – fanfilm

Blade’s Daywalker Glaives [4:51] – MAN AT ARMS

Greatest moments in sports [6:16]

Building a workbench [23:18] – New Yankee Workshop

Russian MMA training for kids [6:03] – just turn the sound off

1961 Ford Starliner [6:20] – Muscle Car of the Week

Rapid fire [1:27]

Caring for Giants [2:19]

Prospect [13:53] – sci-fi short

Primal [3:31]

The Cars – Just What I Needed [3:48]

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