Sunday is here and we’re at the point where the whole day is up in the air. Do what you will with what you have for as long as you must. Just don’t forget to entertain yourself, and this is the place to do it. The Slinks are waiting.

Shaolin Monks in training

Harley Davidson timeline – 1900-2012

The ugly truth about trucking [15:13]

Amazing Do Nothing Machine [3:07]

Cycling Copenhagen through American eyes [10:45]

Geoengineering: California Rainstorm [15:27]

The coolest thing invented in each state [2:24]

Men’s hairstyles from the ’60s and ’70s [3:07]

The metric film [10:55] – animation

The outdoor workbench [6:11]

Who builds the best axe? [12:14]

How it’s made
Bowling balls [4:58]
Snickers [2:57]
Pringles [5:04]

A girl named Elastika [3:31]
Les Pyramides d’Égypte [3:35]
Jar Jar returns [1:01]

Final Countdown in major key [5:03] – static image – It’ll never be the same again.
Everybody Knows – St. Paul and the Broken Bones [3:50]
The Lion Sleeps Tonight [4:19] – Billy Joel & Jimmy Fallon

Apple peeling [0:36] – vertical video
Russian tank drift [0:29]
Demolition Derby [0:34]

* JIffs *

The Call – Bavaria [1:29]
Craft beer tasting at home [7:13] – I’ve done this.
Michigan Beer film trailer [2:40]


Wrapping a Tesla Model S [3:33]

The Nutty Buddy athletic cup [8:53]

Slim Sumo [8:01]

Petrol vs. Electric Mercedes [8:07] – Top Gear

Desert Eagle rapid fire [4:51]

1969 Dodge Daytona [9:05] – Muscle Car of the Week

Full Auto [7:23] – Slingshot Channel

Canada vs. USSR Olympic game 1987 [8:08]

The JettaMino [11:04]

Rubik’s Boob [1:29]

Def Leopard – Photograph [4:12] – MTV style

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