Frankly speaking

Screen Shot 2014-04-05 at 11.26.00 PMWell whaddya know. We’ll actually break into the 60s next week. Just might be some garage time in the future.

The endeavor to widen the site has a tad bit of progress. The same gentleman who designed the MASH site and I are in a discussion about the style sheet files. On one hand, I could just increase the amount of pixels (change the number in the text of the file) or change it to a percent. Either way, he advised caution about alienating the mobile readers, the folks on phones and tablets who access the site that way. He also rendered a professional opinion of dropping a sidebar. That would make things a whole lot easier. But that’s a real chin scratcher.

With that in mind, maybe the right thing to do would be to change the theme entirely. Our next homebrew club meeting is this coming Friday and if he attends, I’d like to discuss these matters with him.

The Kegerator ad in the right sidebar has been removed. It was a pay-per-click ad payable only when monetary amounts reached $100. Not too many readers are clamoring for kegerators. We probably got 5 clicks a week. I’ve sent an email message to the account guy requesting removal from his books. It’s over. I urge you to purchase a Critter Cutter opener.

I’m continuing research into hops for the June SMaSH beer competition. Right now I’m leaning toward Cascade or one that I just discovered, Calypso. Pear and apple flavors oh my. Gotta check availability at the LHBS.

The roads around here are pretty torn up from the winter. Potholes, separations, bumps and gullies are down any stretch of road. Either they will remain the same for some time, or state and local taxes will increase when the new road surfaces are installed. This includes Interstates. Plan on getting up early for your spring/summer commute.

I’m still deeply involved in SPT and I still love doing this shit. I’m so glad you stop by whenever you can.

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