Are you late? Did you remember to set your clocks ahead for Daylight Savings Time? Look at your computer clock, desk clock or watch. Check here to verify that you are in sync with the rest of the country. Good. Welcome to the future. We’re glad you made it.

It seems that we have broken through the end of the winter season into the season in between seasons. We’ve made it out of the sub-freezing days and into the days of hope, happiness and mosquito larvae. It’s hard to think about that when there are still ice dams in the gutters and mountains of melting snow along the streets. Make sure your windshield washer reservoir is full. You’ll need it.

Slinks are all nicely lined up below. Click away.

Nice Pics – Pretty Girls

The Marmalade [6:45]

The Wärtsilä14RT-flex96C – The world’s most powerful diesel engine [2:22]

The truth about computer viruses [3:36]

Metroplis II [5:41] – giant Hot Wheels setup

Super cows [5:11]

River log drive [2:36]

Making a Death Star from nails [5:16] – Slingshot Channel

1909 Blackstone oil engine startup [8:08]

The very first episode of The Red Green Show – 1991 [24:11]

Silent [2:38]
Monsieur COK [9:45]
Chess [3:40]

Jonathan Edwards – Shanty [2:41]
Long Tall Glasses [2:59]
Maria Muldaur – Midnight At The Oasis [3:49]

Russian spy? [0:30]
Boston as a second language [0:55]
Great Grasshopper [0:10]


Barrel aged beers- HowCast [1:08]
Crafty beer Marketing [3:17]
Jungle Beer [2:54] – philosophy and passion


MythBusters car jam solution [2:03]

MAN AT ARMS one year later [3:20]

Comparing American football to Rugby [11:47]

X-47B unmanned Navy weapon [2:33]

SDHQ’s Twin-Turbo Eco-Raptor [8:44]

Hydraulic press on Letterman [5:55]

Pistons/Pacers game brawl [12:12]

DiResta Credenza [8:51]

This is Rally [5:23]

Danish Airlines babe jump [2:55] – an old fave

The Who – Squeeze Box [2:36]

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