It’s Sunday and for today we’re going back to the old way of presenting the Slinks. Why? It’s a bit faster and less time consuming on my part, and it’s the whole post with minimal scrolling at a glance. Either it’s me or it’s YouTube, but there doesn’t seem to be all the ads that fly in your face in the videos anymore. Or maybe it’s AdBlock, I dunno. It’ll require a small bit of work on your part as on some YT videos, you’ll have to click on the gear at the bottom and disable annotations. If you prefer this old way better, let me know in the comments.

Once again, the Slinks are all lined up down the middle of the page.

Ukraine: The death toll continues to rise – The Big Picture

Amazing finds on Google Earth

Northlandz model train setup [4:28]

Morpheus robot rocket [1:25]

Washing Lenin’s mummy [4:34]

How wolves change rivers [4:33]

Strange sea creature transforms at 3700 feet below [1:18]

Bobsledding through the ages [3:37]

Ski jumping in the ’80s [9:09]

James May flies in a U2 spyplane [9:59]

A la Fran├žaise [6:58] – Chicken estate party
Selfillumination [5:30]
Orangina [1:44]

Caravan Palace [3:37] – techno swing
Putin on the Ritz [2:44] – With Dubya in CGI
Jimmy Fallon’s Ragtime Gals – Ignition [2:03]

2014 SI Swimsuit edition preview [0:47]
Forensic science [0:38]
When you think you’re the fastest one on the road [0:44]


Crafting a Nation trailer [3:14]
Beer cheese recipe
Lonerider, The Beer Outlaws [3:24]


DiResta: Pirate Chest [6:46]

Michael Jordan Top 50 All Time Plays [15:43]

Chevy Thriftmaster Truck [6:22]

Laying the keel of the USS Gerald R. Ford Carrier [3:58] – timelapse

Brutal car accidents [7:40]

Making a Celtic knife [9:24]

Canadian drag racing noise [3:20]

Holyfield vs. Bowe – 10th round [3:09]

The Penis Museum [2:10]

Burlesque tassle twirling [2:43]

Queen – Killer Queen [4:39]

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3 Responses to Slinks

  1. Jerry says:

    I like the old way. It loads faster, much easier to scan to subjects I want to read and seems to be less cluttered with popups and ads. Stay with the subject line method, like above, please.

  2. Jeff says:

    I’m with Jerry on this one too. If you’re going to embed a ton of small videos up you should change the name to svideos or something, there are hardly any links.

    I would say adblock is doing it’s job for you Frank, I was watching a video on someone else’s computer without adblock and there was a big difference. Lots of ads… in the beginning, during, and after the video.

  3. SkipHerr says:

    I also prefer this way, it loads quicker and if I come back later in the week, I know what I’ve already seen.

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