Frankly speaking

A little news: tomorrow’s Slinks will be a letdown for some and a boost for others. Stay tuned to see what happened. No one will be disappointed. Or everyone will.

The site keeps chugging along with no problems except for one. It goes back to that frikkin’ new modem that Comcast sent. Apparently the default port chosen by the modem is incompatible with viewing images while I’m on the server. HostGator advised that I contact Comcast again and have them reconfigure the port. God, I hate talking to those guys. Their accents are often hard to understand. I spoke with two Comcast reps. One was clearly Asian and the other, Hispanic. Although I appreciate the cultural diversity, I was disappointed when the last guy advised that I contact the manufacturer of the modem. Phooey!

We had a flurry of activity with the electric snow mule post. Comments were from some that wanted to sell it and where is more information. It was just one guy who invented it and posted the video that we grabbed. There was no other info available, and I tried. Good lick to the inventor. I hope he makes wheelbarrows full of money.

We’ve had some high winds today and yesterday and some shingles got torn off the south roof of the Manly Garage. First sign of warmish weather, I’ll have to get that taken care of. Then the beer fridge can get turned back on and the kegerator can be available for business.

Speaking of beer business, the 3Fs Annica homebrew extract clone will finally come out of the secondary fermenter tomorrow. I plan to bottle about a half dozen bombers for sharing and the rest for personal consumption. As I may have mentioned, it’ll be my entry in next month’s IPA competition at the homebrew club. I may even do a review, depending on how good it is. It would be quite interesting to do a brew-in-a-bag version of this same recipe. Let me add that to my to-do list.

I’m so sick and tired of winter as we all are. Shingles off the roof, ice dams in the gutters (eave troughs) and in some places snow piled high enough to obstruct the view of getting into traffic safely out of a driveway. We have more subzero weather ahead and my wife surprised me by saying that Daylight Savings Time is just 2 weeks away. I’ve also heard news of a new El Nino which could possibly develop soon. Climate change anyone?

Thanks for visiting when you can. Still love it.

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