It’s Sunday and there’s no football. The only other things to do would be to stare out the window at all the snow piled up in mountains on either side of the road, watch some inane programming on the tube or visit SPT for a while. That’s why we’re here. Go for it.

Nice Cars

Sochi 2014 Olympics: Reaching the podium -The Big Picture

Rare Historical Photos In Color

Inside the FBI Reference Firearms Collection

Steel shaft vs. carbon fiber shaft

Linux guru Linus Torvalds talks about Nvidia in 2012

Crow solves an 8-step puzzle

The jet that ate the Pentagon

NASA – Solar coronal ejections

How big is Google?


The Great Steampunk Race

Little Tombstone

Goodbye Net Neutrality, Hello Gilded Age Internet


Mo Sochi Mo Problems

Juzzie Smith – Train Ride

Interview with Metallica’s James Hetfield


Shaun White on CNN

HBO – Silicon Valley Teaser Trailer

Funny joke

* Jiffs *


Lagunitas CouchTrippin’ Fusion Brewing

MillerCoors and their bourbon flavored beer

Murbah Swamp Beer – Australia


Dad drifting with his 3-year-old son

Halo Energy Sword – MAN AT ARMS

Manny Pacquiao Documentary

1967 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S – in torque we trust

Tyson vs. Pinklon – 6th round KO

2014 drag racing slo-mo

Working gristmill

Coolest cutting board

How drag racing clutches are made

Musicless Music video – Shakira & Rihanna

Mötley Crüe – Girls, Girls, Girls – MTV style

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