It’s Sunday and there’s still another playoff game today. More coming on the following weekends. But you already knew that.

Tried using the ‘nextpage’ tag but it didn’t work upon publication. Crap. More research.

Regardless, the Slinks are still down there en masse.

Here we go.

2014 Dakar Rally – The Big Picture

Some of the greatest sports photos of all time

Ford is remaking ’32 5-window bodies

Desktop Diaries: Neil deGrasse Tyson

NSA spying: why does it matter?

Ants attack

Ship Breakers

Single point of failure – a fictional tale

Denham Psycho – short film about ultra hipsters

The largest submarine in the U.S.Navy


LEGO Thor: Brother’s Fight


Junk Head 1


Inspector Gadget theme on Tesla coils

Nick Teen and Al K. Hall – Rolf Harris

Little Deuce Coupe – Beach Boys live ’64


Wrestler uses the Force

Blind junction

Opening a beer in Sweden



PLINY: a documentary

U.S. Breweries – interactive


Pissed off goalies

Overhead cam spins up to 14k rpm

Sephiroth’s Masamune (Final Fantasy VII) – MAN AT ARMS

A Bad Lip Reading of Game of Thrones

Mechanics of Creativity [22:52] – Cuban auto mechanics (embedding disabled)

Another look back at Barry Sanders [4:45]

Defensive boxing

1969 Plymouth Road Runner Convertible 426 Hemi – Muscle Car of the Week

A kid in a sandrail

Live version of GTA

Chambers Brothers – Time Has Come Today

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