Frankly speaking

The site is moving right along. The only thing left to do is implement the new 2014 page for the Babes of the Week. That should be a little time-consuming, but no problems that I can foresee. For this new year you’ll get all the babes in the same style as we do the Honeys and Pics and Phonies. Medium size (Click to open in a new window) , with the latest at the top. The images will all be captioned with the date of posting. It’s the same, but different. Of interest, if you do a Google search for All the Weekly Babes, SPT comes up as the top selection. Hmm. I guess we just fell into that one. It continues to be the most popular entry way into the site.

Over the frigid early days of the week, the Mighty Tundra’s battery died. Had to wait for Walmart’s battery shelves to get restocked before purchasing a new one with a 5-yr. warranty. The weather has caused a huge ice-dam over our back door. As the weather got warmer each exit and entrance came with wet hair and cold water down the back.

Our homebrewing schedule got kicked into high gear with the announcement of the club’s competitions for the year. Next month will be stouts and one son thinks he can kill the competition with one of his brews. March is Irish ales and the other son is hot to trot on that one. April is IPAs. I think I can raise some eyebrows with my hybrid Spook Powder clone, only using all Mosaic hops instead of all Citra. November is meads. Both sons think they can have a viable contender. December is big beers. Now that’s a real chin scratcher. By then it’s winter again. Who wants to think that far into the future.

I still have that extract brew idea going and I have to capitalize on that soon. I feel a brew-in-a-bag version of 3Floyds’ Anicca would be a sure winner for the April competition. For now, I’d like to rebuild my confidence in extract brewing based on my son’s NytFury imperial stout he recently made via extract. It was amazing.

As I sit here in the second week of the new year, I realize how fortunate I am. I have a renewed appreciation for the older people. I’m fortunate to have my health. I have three sons who love craft beer, a wife who tolerates weekly sips rendering her honest opinion and a 12-year-old truck that still starts every time (when the battery’s good.) And I have this website, which I love spending my time on. If it weren’t for you readers and this site, I’d just be another old fart tooling around Walmart on an electric cart. Hmm. I think that could be the start of country song.

Once again, thanks for stopping by.

(Free SPT stickers!) – I still have lots left.

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