Frankly speaking

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 12.50.38 AMHere we are in 2014 and the world outside our window looks pretty much the same. It’s time to evaluate what we remember about the weather in the past and base it against what we are experiencing now. Something to think about, but there ain’t a helluva lot we do about it. Sub-zero temps are coming here next week and it’ll be hell keeping our vehicles prepped for morning cold starts.

I apologize for the lack of a beer review. My buddy, Jeff, had a chili cook-off at his house this evening and I had a batch made up on Thursday to enter into the competition. Ground beef, Italian sausage, bacon, Serrano peppers and a bottle of Bourbon County Stout mixed in. Had a couple of pulls off that bottle of stout before it went in. Unbelievable! Very deep and massive. I’ll be bringing the remaining 3 bottles to the cook-off to pass around. But when you think about it, all 4 beers will be there to be tasted in one form or another. I had a blast. If there’s time, I may be able to post some pics of the occasion.

The site motors on and I’ve decided to display the 2014 Weekly Babes without using a gallery. The 2014 Babe images will be posted as a link to a page along with all the old babes on the “All the Babes” page. The only difference will be that the 2014 ladies will be displayed in the same manner as the SixPack Pics, the Humpday Honeys and the Photoshop Phonies. You’ll have a larger image, but you’ll have to scroll through all of them throughout the year. I really don’t think you’ll mind. I hope our host provider doesn’t beef about it. But I doubt it. They take everything I throw at them and keep it all in a nice directory order where I can find them again. By this time next year, there’ll be 52 images worth of babes on 6 pages to scroll through to get to the January 2014 babe.

The Slinks will be different tomorrow. Check ‘em out sometime after midnight CST tonight. But I believe all the ‘normal’ folks will wait until Sunday and get the whole shebang.

I’m dying to start the Mosaic hopped beer that I planned a while ago and I hope the extract recipe does it justice. I’ve been sitting on a gift certificate to my LHBS* and it occasionally lights up and glows and plays Psychostick’s Beer song. Then, for some reason, I get thirsty.

I feel bad that I may have left a bunch of readers disappointed with no brew review, but it’s so rare that I have a chance to get out and mingle with people I have a lot in common with. It’s pretty much the only fun, face-to-face time that I have since I don’t frequent the local bars.

Let’s see what next weekend brings. Thanks a lot for stopping by.

*Local Home Brew Store in case you’ve forgotten.

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