Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 12.29.48 AMIt’s Sunday and the exact middle of the week between the two holidays. The TV weatherman is predicting very cold temps, some sub-zero for our area in spite of what the graphic represents there. We could get 6″ of snow by Wednesday. I wouldn’t be surprised if a 60° day popped up somewhere in there. This is Illinois.

The New Year’s holiday is usually much more laid back than Christmas. Hell, there’s nothing to buy except for the beverages and snackies (or party tickets perhaps) depending on where you celebrate next New Year’s Eve next Tuesday night. Many of us will just stay home and fall asleep before midnight on that day. But for now, it’s just another Sunday, except for the tree that has to get disassembled and put back in the box and stored up in the attic or basement or put out for recycling or cut up for firewood and the mess that still needs to get cleaned up. And where in the hell are we going put all this new stuff? All of that on top of repercussions from New Year’s Eve. Have a plan and act upon it.

The Slinks are lined up in a nice center-justified column, all awaiting your mouse click.

Nice Cars

Leaving Windsor Castle [4:37]

Detroit-area firefighters battle a plague of burning buildings [13:46]

SR 99 Tunneling machine animation [1:31]

Penn and Teller Bullshit – organic foods [9:59]

Smart concrete [5:24]

Terminal Insecurity [5:39]

The Swiss Army knife [3:57]

SERVO [12:32] – short film

Mercedes AMG engine factory [11:46]

Bad luck [1:23]
Lego Harry Potter [3:01]
Sleddin’ [2:12]

Grand Vals on acoustic guitar [2:54]
First Class Bhangra – Wilbur Sargunaraj [3:34]
Falling for You – SAX PACK [7:55] – live, shaky smartphone style

2014 Dakar Rally Robby Gordon HST Dyno [0:33]
Women’s Boxing KO [0:34]
A world without electricity [0:50]


Stone’s Greg Kock talks about cellaring [2:04]
A day in the life of a monk at St. Joseph’s Abbey [11:00]
The Beer Fridge, Project Indonesia [3:07]

The AK-47
The history of the Kalashnikov AK-47 [45:21] – watch now or bookmark for later

Ronald Reagan tells Soviet jokes [5:31]
Yakov Smirnoff [6:32]

Making a new axe handle [6:13]

Shooting 2500 yards [2:39]

Blacksmith competition – making tongs [6:29]

Just Snap The Damn Ball [7:31]

10 Fastest boxing knockouts [10:12]

Powerlifting: The Mentality [6:22]

1969 Pontiac GTO Ram Air IV Convertible 4-Speed [7:54]

1300hp wheelie Blazer [2:34]

Downhill skiing [4:01]

Rachel Williams bounces [0:50] – 100% gratuitous

America – Horse With No Name [3:53]

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