Frankly speaking

The site surpassed 10,000 posts last week and we didn’t even notice it. It’s a milestone that I’m proud of. I find it interesting that I’m just as enthusiastic about this site as I was back when it first got started being self-hosted in April of ’08. We’ve grown and matured over those years and it’s all still out there for you to reread if you so desire.

For me and for the family, Christmas was a blast. The dining room was lined with all the boys and their babes and the presents were stacked around a wide area near the tree. After the ceremonial openings, we filled a contractor’s 55-gallon plastic waste full just enough to get a twist-tie around its neck. The garbage men will have their work cut out for them when they come.

I’ve received some related gifts: A big, comfy executive computer chair fit for a CEO, a gift card to my local homebrew shop, a huge brew-in-a-bag bag for brewing in a keggle and a Chicago Beer Experience tour for four on a date of our choice. How great is that.

Since the big day, the dining room is cleaned up, except for the huge plastic bag full crumpled wrapping paper. The tree came down today and there’s now a gaping hole in the space in front of the window.

Thought I’d inform any of you who are subscribed to Untappd. After joining in July of last year, I was finally urged to become more active. I’ve done that. If you’d like to see what I’m drinking and how often, look for me on Untappd. I use it via my desktop but I check every so often on the iPad.

The New Year holiday is coming up next Wednesday and we’ll probably do a round of best of the year videos and such. Wisdom is the key word for New Year’s Eve. Have a plan in place if you go out. Cops, ya know.

I hope you guys had a wonderful holiday and have figured out where all your new stuff will be stored. Don’t worry if the garbage guys mistreat your trash can. That’s an unwritten part of the Christmas season.

Stay happy. Cheers!

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