DARPA Robotics Challenge

The DARPA Robotics Challenge involves 8 tasks that robots must perform, namely:

1. Drive a utility vehicle at the site.
2. Travel dismounted across rubble.
3. Remove debris blocking an entryway.
4. Open a door and enter a building.
5. Climb an industrial ladder and traverse an industrial walkway.
6. Use a tool to break through a concrete panel.
7. Locate and close a valve near a leaking pipe.
8. Connect a fire hose to a standpipe and turn on a valve.

Sixteen teams from around the world came together at Florida’s Homestead Miami Speedway, December 20-21, 2013 to participate in DARPA’s Robotics Challenge Trials. The Trials provide an important baseline on the current state of robotics today and their potential for future use in disaster response.
Eight teams will receive the opportunity to receive continued DARPA funding to competing in the Robotics Finals event, leading to one team winning a $2 million prize.

This year the Schaft Team, recently acquired by Google, won the top score out of 16 teams to enter the competition.

More info here.

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  1. Jeff says:

    At first I though the last one wasn’t tethered, but it was. Maybe one day we will be able to come up with one that doesn’t have wires running to it, then they will actually be of some use.

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