Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 1.17.29 AMThree more days remain until the big day (depending on where you start counting from.) The gifts should already have been obtained and stashed away for that day when the flood gates open. Saturday was the first official day of winter. Too bad we just can’t flip a switch and change the seasons on time. By now you’ve discovered which set of long underwear, shirts, coats and pants have gaping holes in them, forgotten over the last spring/summer cycle. Maybe the fat guy will replenish your rags with some new stuff. But today is the day to ponder the events and experiences of that Christmas yet to come. In between thoughts, click on a Slink below.

Nice Cars

Christmas tree fire safety [1:58]

Mt. Etna Timelapse [1:10]

The Cubli [2:37]

The History and Future of Everything [7:11] – animation

Viewing the sun in multiple wavelengths [2:18]

The skin gun [3:28]

The Museum of Science Fiction

Apollo 8 Earthrise 45 years later [6:54]

Earth wind map – updated every 3 hours

Mugshots from the 1920s

Rulers and measuring devices [12:37]

Chop Chop [1:19]
Wind [3:49]
SHOCK [9:06] – in its entirety

Van Halen Eruption solo on Tesla Coil [2:00]
Old McDonald Had a Deformed Farm [7:05] – babershop
Last Dance – World Order [4:16]

How to forge a ring – Ron Swanson [0:32]
High crosswinds [0:14]
Ice Crew girl [0:17]


The 3-Tier System – a long read but it’s all here.
I need beer [3:57]
Lager Beer [2:37] – Mitchell and Webb

Hockey hits
Chris Stewart [2:37]
Tom Wilson [1:38]
Top 10 biggest hockey hits [6:00]

Shotgun trick shooter [2:13]

Easy Day [3:29] – short film

Downhill Rollerman [3:09]

Blades of Chaos (God of War) [6:56] – MAN AT ARMS

Extreme hillclimb – Norway [8:01]

Mirko “Cro Cop: Filipovic highlights [9:08]

Proximity [11:04] – short film

Stuntman Lance Gilbert [4:41]

2013 NPC Junior Nationals Women’s Bodybuilding & Physique Finals [1:30]

Chicago + Earth, Wind & Fire – 25 or Six to Four [9:22]

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