Frankly speaking

My apologies for skipping the brew review tonight. Our humble abode was beset upon by sons and their appetites. The boys had to square away who bought what for whom for Christmas and the bottles of craft beer tinked against each other each time the fridge door was opened. I couldn’t pass the opportunity with the boys in our warm place. It was personal family time which happens less and less as we get older. Consequently, the St. Bernardus Christmas Ale, which I had intended for tonight, was consumed during our family session.

Christmas day will be a frenzy of opening gifts, fights for the shower and packing cars with more gifts for the trip to the relatives’ for more closeness. We’ll sit around, chat and exchange pleasantries before and after a big meal, only heading back home in the early evening for the final unwinding and a little mess clean-up around the tree.

The holiday season is a time for friends and acquaintances. Parties also fit in there. The camaraderie and the shop talk, over a hefty burger or steak dinner creates another special time for happiness and living in the moment. Try to fit in with your mate’s coworkers and it will be paid back accordingly.

By Thursday, this’ll all be behind us. We’ll settle back into the dull, mundane tasks of earning a wage a staying alive for the duration of the winter. And assembling those new toys we received the day prior.

If you perhaps didn’t receive that special gift that you hoped for, don’t be disappointed. For one reason or another, it just wasn’t meant to be due to extenuating circumstances. Lack of finances, availability, or even sunspot activity have a way of messing up the order of things. All that mice and men and best-laid plans thing.

The site trundles along on a daily basis with the latest version of WP and as time goes on, I keep thinking again that there’s some goofy plugin causing the little mischievous annoyances that have vexed me for months. I must do something about this to preserve my mental stability. If only I didn’t enjoy all the time that I spend Web surfing, I may have some time for personal website research. Ah, a New Year’s resolution. That’s the ticket.

As expected, “the staff” and I will be taking the holiday off on Wednesday, but there’ll be something posted on Christmas, themed for the day, on behalf of those who have short attention spans or an SPT itch. Mine included.

Hang in there, guys. It’ll all be over soon. And thanks for stopping by.

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