Frankly speaking

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The site chugs on into the dark months of winter and I can feel changes afoot. I still want to get rid of the menu bar between the two graphic headers and see how that works. I also have to prod myself to troubleshoot the test site with the wider version and get rid of its sidebar spacing mistake. And lastly, I was thinking of changing the entire theme to something new. That would mean creating even another test site for experimentation. Our host provider has granted unlimited subdomains, so creating test sites is no problem. Remembering logins and passwords for more sites could get to be a pain. Creating this site at the beginning took me 3 months. It’ll be a lot of tedious work. I may need plenty of refreshments.

Christmas is rapidly approaching and the battle is being waged between my conscience, my bank account and getting gifts. All of my purchases have been online. With two of my sons hot into homebrewing, more equipment became essential. The benefits will pay back in the long run. No more borrowed equipment and more homebrew for consumption. Santa will be smiling on these boys. All I’m asking for is a new cushion for my computer chair. My ass has smashed the original chair padding into dust. But no more buying. I’m done. (I still may have to buy my own seat cushion. Pfft!)

Jim and I (and Mom) bottled up some of his homebrewed stout, about 3 1/2 gallon’s worth. Bombers and 12-ouncers. The beer wound up at a startling 9% ABV. And it was an extract brew done on the stove in his kitchen. No coffee, no chocolate, just dark roasted malts and a hearty yeast. The bottle conditioning may cut down on some of the alcohol harshness and I hope he puts up a couple of bottles for cellaring.

My keezer stands empty and unplugged for the winter so far. After I do my next batch right after Christmas, it’ll see some action. Depends on the garage temps. But if I do the extract recipe in the kitchen and bottle the results (always a pain in the ass) then they could be doled out on needed basis. I love doing this stuff.

Another ‘stuff’ that I love doing is posting on this website. Every day.

I say it all the time and I mean it man. (Sammy Davis) Thanks a lot for stopping by.

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