It’s Sunday, the last day of the long weekend for many. If shopping is on your list, good luck and try not to lose it out there. Otherwise there’s always a nice warm house with football on the tube and cold ones in the fridge. The Slinks are nicely lined up below waiting for your click.

Nice Pics

Google admits YouTube comments mistake

18 | 8 Fine Men’s Salons – Razor Tales [4:15]

2013 Paris Airshow [5:33]

Inside the IIHS: Preparing for a crash test [4:49]

Inside the control room: turning NFL football into primetime television [13:25]

5 German words the English language doesn’t have [2:16]

Old school football – Art Donovan on The Tonight Show [6:29]

W-18 model engine – final assembly [8:33]

Meet Mr. Toilet [3:25]

Why the day after Thanksgiving is called “Black Friday” [2:24]
Why men have nipples [1:50]
Oru Burus [5:34]

Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata – 3rd Movement for electric guitar [6:16]
Story of The Bass [8:36]
Temptations – My Girl a capella [2:57]

Skiing horror [0:58]
A big F-You! [0:09]
2013 US Sumo Open: Byamba vs Kelly [0:24] – Warning! Turn volume down.


Portland Growler Company [3:34]
2013 Beer Gifting Guide
Left Hand Sawtooth Nitro pour in slo-mo [1:13]

Mike Tyson title fight vs. Trevor Berbick [9:08]

1958 Plymouth Fury – a living Christine [6:37]

Understanding Southern [6:40] – Bill Cosby and Marsha Brody – an old Fave

Top Gear gets run out of Alabama [7:55]

The Crossness Pumping Station – An “industrial cathedral” to steam [3:09]

’67 Camaro “Cherokee” concept show car [9:49] – Charley Hutton worked for Boyd Coddington. “Putty is my buddy.”

SR-71 RC jet [7:09]

Crazy MMA knockouts [3:24]

Insane moments on the drag strip [11:55]

Pirelli’s famous calendar turns 50 [4:56]

Eagles – Hotel California [6:35]

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  1. Jeff says:

    Greatest Top Gear episode ever! They need to get run out of every area they take their cameras in my opinion. I was hoping for more than just rocks thrown at them.

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