Frankly speaking

One of our latest problems has mysteriously gone away. The uploading of images in the posts is now trouble-free. I was in a week-long email conversation with a tech rep from our hosting service and as the days went by, they showed no trouble on their end and no trouble on our end. Then. last Tuesday, all the SixPack Pics images were uploaded with no problem. The problem has not recurred since. I’ve dealt with the hosting tech support guys in the past and this is not the first time that bad things have magically cleared up on their own. I think that reported issues are most likely discussed and someone comes up with a solution and nobody hears about it. I am not complaining. Our hosting service, HostGator has had a 100% uptime for quite a few years and no major issues so far. However, SPT has become too large data-wise for automatic backup and I have to do it manually which takes quite a while.

My son, Jim, has turned into a homebrewin’ fool. Since the pumpkin beer he brewed for his buddy’s wedding reception that last week in October, he has brewed up two more beers since. So far, each of them were extract brews. I can tell that he’s gained confidence in his skills and more enthusiasm for the hobby. Even his long time friend got caught up in the whirlwind of homebrewing. Jim’s second batch was kegged and donated to the homebrew club in gratitude for lending him a keg. His third was an imperial stout he cooked up Friday night which gave him an original gravity of 1.100. The beer has the potential to finish at over 10% alcohol if the yeast does its job. Nice.

His interest and success at kitchen brewing has given me renewed interest in trying my hand at extract brewing once again. That’s how I started some years ago. I’ve found my original recipe for Spook Powder, the Zombie Dust clone, and saved the extract version of the same recipe. I’ll brew up an extract batch of the same base recipe, only adding all Mosaic hops instead of Citra. I hope to get a beer that closely approximates the 3Floyds/Half Acre Anicca IPA that I reviewed not too long ago.

The oil has been changed in the Mighty Tundra. She should be good for the rest of the winter. The garage remains a mess. Cleanup is on the list for spring, along with making room for more brew-in-a-bag homebrews. The homemade kegerator has been cleaned and unplugged and awaits some tasty contents in April or so.

As usual, let me say that I still enjoy doing this shit and I’m glad you stop by whenever you can.


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