Urinal dynamics

We illustrate the importance of good technique when using a urinal and offer some advice. Via high-speed video footage of a simulated male urine stream, we show that reduced splash can be achieved by aiming at a vertical surface, moving closer to the urinal and by thereby decreasing the impact angle.

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2 Responses to Urinal dynamics

  1. Jeff says:

    A local radio DJ was talking about this the other day and how to possibly correct it. Long story short the urinals are designed wrong in the first place! I have a design that guarantees zero splash back, if I knew there was any real reason to produce one I would make a prototype. I don’t see people replacing their porcelain for a new design though, if people are going to be sloppy pissers they deserve to wear a little bit…

  2. fcgrabo says:

    Keep that design idea in the back of your head.Ya never know.

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