It’s Sunday. As the days go by we watch the weather go from moderate to crap. Who knows what the winter will like 2 months down the road. But inside it’s nice and warm and there’s some good football on the tube and cold ones in the fridge. Besides that, the Slinks are right down there. That’s all we need for now.

Nice Pics

The coolest gas stations in the US

Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta [2:43] – timelapse

Michael Jordan’s house up for auction [8:46]

Human movement sculptures [1:25]

New Tyrannosaur announced [4:16]

How to pronounce Uranus [4:57]

Amazing views of Earth

Microspotting, inside the Microsoft Archives [3:31]

Fishing boats in rough seas [7:28]

The history of beards [2:11]
Happy Meal Horror [4:02]
Mr. Peabody & Sherman [2:31] official trailer

Joe Satriani Contest: Surfing With the Alien winner [4:16]
Deed I Do – BarbershopMe [2:49]
Storm Boyz at the Mashpee Powow 2013 [3:29] – Native Americans

Driving with an HUD cell phone [0:32]
Rock-paper-scissors robot wins 100% of the time [0:58]
Robert De Niro’s 1970 car commercial [0:48]


Garlic flavored dark beer
Patrick Swayze PBR commercial [1:01]
Taking a beer bath [2:05]

Best of John Gruden QB camp [4:48]

Making the new Mac Pro [2:03]

World’s first 3D printed metal gun [2:16]
3D metal printing – how it’s done [5:01]

Mjölnir from Thor: The Dark World [7:01] РMAN AT ARMS

LAPD BatCat [6:00]

Flight [3:38] – short film

Telescope [9:53] – scifi short film

Inside Bentley [12:41]

Best boxing bout – Arturo Gatti vs Micky Ward [6:21]

Lithuanian cheerleaders [1:34]

Joe Cocker – Feelin’ Alright [4:35]

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