Frankly speaking

Right from the git-go I’d like to join those who hate winter and cold weather. My perfect temp is 75-85 degrees. I’m a cold blooded animal and when I’m warm, I’m happy. And to each his own.

The site chugs along with all the spits and farts that WordPress offers up from time to time, and as much as I strive to make the site better and user-friendly, I always seem to encounter roadblocks and detours and potholes. But I feel that we’re still on the right track and haven’t strayed from our original topic, “Beer, Cars, Tech, Humor… and a babe or two.”

I’m giving some thought to removing the entire “menu bar” at the top of the main page, between the two graphics. It seems to be lost situated there. It doesn’t grab readers’ eyes. I could put all of those topics tucked into a sidebar and just get rid of it. I think that would make it easier for all who come here.

I’ve reinstated “A SixPack of Random” in the right sidebar again. Six random posts from days gone by. I don’t know why it suddenly disappeared. It was probably deleted or swept under the carpet during an upgrade along the way. It’s there now. It’s a great way to get just a little more SPT.

YouTubers are up in arms over a new policy that Google put into place which requires all video commenters to have a Google+ account. Videos posted to YT on the subject have some ranting, spitting irate video makers hating Google and all it stands for. I think that Google has pulled a boneheaded move by requiring a G+ account and just may have jumped the shark on YouTube as a whole. Then again, maybe someone over there will wake up, find a spine and shitcan the bastard who thought that was a great idea. Google can not be Facebook. No one wants G+.

Talk about luck in the most unlikeliest of places. Earlier this week, I dropped by a very small package liquor store in Minooka which is about 10 miles east on Route 6. I usually visit once a week to pick up some Avery Reverend quad or other beer that I can’t find in Morris. The guy there knows his craft beer and always has some great selections. As I walked in the door last Tuesday, he was just closing the box on the latest edition of Sam Adams Utopias which he was showing some sales rep. My eyes became the size of pizza pans. Calmly I asked him if it was the latest release, and it was. How much? $200. Shit.

Utopias 2013

I went back to the shelf and scoped out the cooler and picked up an allotment of Reverend for later. I paid for that in cash money. Now about that Utopias. I’ll take it. He grabbed the box with the kettle shaped bottle inside and gently placed it in a bag as I snapped my credit card down as if in a poker game. My card was smoking after he ran it through the scanner and it had some charred edges as I put it back in my wallet. He said, “Be careful. You are carrying a precious cargo.” I held on a little tighter as I made my way back to the truck. Damn, this is gonna hurt for a while. $213 and change.  I begged him to see if he could get some more. I have some sons who would jump at the opportunity. Tonight, I can still feel a little heat back there in my back pocket.

You’ve heard it before and I mean it, so I’ll say it again: I still love doing this shit and I’m glad you stop by to visit whenever you can.


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3 Responses to Frankly speaking

  1. Jeff says:

    I’m kinda glad the Sixpack of Random is back, is a great way to get more SPT. I’m kinda glad youtube changed, I don’t have to deal with reading the crap people post up there. Because you know 90% of the comments are just crap. I certainly don’t like the google and whatever new and “exciting” programs they come up with to further intrude our lives with.

    $200 for 24 ounces of beer? You’re a brave one Frank…

  2. fcgrabo says:

    I agree with you about 80%. YouTube comments are terrible and serve no constructive purpose. SixPack of Random… i still can’t figure out why it went away.

    Buying Utopias? Many other adjectives come to mind: stupid, foolhardy, impulsive. But I’ve had it before and it’s amazing what Sam has done to make a beer that tastes like cognac. Every two years.

  3. Bob Fernandez says:

    Nice Frank. Its a “Fairly Inexpensive” luxury that makes life just a little better. Hats off to you!

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